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Famous Airedale owners

 Warren G. Harding - president of the USA with his Airedale named "Laddy Boy" 
1. Mrs. John Jacob Astor - wife of millionaire industrialist, her Airedale "Kitty" perished on the Titanic.  A second Airedale also went down with the ship on that terrible night.  He belonged to William E. Carter, owner of the Renault automobile seen being hoisted on board the ship in the movie "Titanic". 
2. Edgar Rice Burroughs - author, Tarzan series of books, his Airedale was named "Tarzan" 
3. Harry Carey - actor, "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" 
4. Ty Cobb - major league Hall of Fame baseball player 
5. Richard Condon - author, wrote "The Manchurian Candidate" and  "Prizzi's Honor", he owned several 
6. Calvin Coolidge - U.S. president (1923-1929) pre White House 
7. A.J. Cronin - author, wrote "The Citadel" and "The Judas Tree" 
8. Olivia De Havilland - actress, received an Airedale named "Shadrack" as a gift from director John Huston 
9. Bo Derek - actress, owned an Airedale named "Harum Scarum", as well as many other breeds 
10. Fionnula Flanagan - actress - born 12/10/41 Dublin, Ireland - starred in "Waking Ned Divine." she also appeared in the   television mini-series "Rich Man, Poor Man" in the early 70's.   She has many movie and television roles to her credit. 
11. Harold Florsheim - of "Florshiem Shoes" fame and founder of "Harham Kennels" 
12. Stuart Leslie Goddard - aka Adam Ant, b. London 1954 - musician and actor, Stuart was the front man for the band "Adam and The Ants".   They had several hits including "Goody Two Shoes".  He also played Brad Bonner in the television series "Northern Exposure" and also appeared in episodes of "Tales From The Crypt" and "The Equalizer" as well as roles in many movies.  His album "Manners and Physique" features a wonderful photo of himself and his two gorgeous Airedales. 
13. Warren G. Harding - U.S. president (1921-1923) his Airedale was named Laddy Boynot, and he was known by all of America as, "Laddy Boy". 
14. Vicki Hearne - author, "Animal Happiness", she owned several.
15. James Earl Jones - actor, the voice of "Darth Vader",  I'll bet his Airedale comes when he is called! 
16. David Hugh-Kelly - actor, star of the film "Cujo" he also co-starred with Brian Keith in the television series "Hardcastle and McCormick", his Airedale's name was "Bantry" 
17. Garrett Augustus Morgan - inventor and newspaper publisher (1877-1963) born in Paris, KY USA, the son of former slaves Mr. Morgan invented the electric traffic light, the gas mask and G.A. Morgan's Hair Refining Creme which was the first chemical hair straightner.  He experimented on his neighbor's Airedale as well as his own while developing the creme.
18. Diana Muldaur -actress, played Dr. Katherine Pulaski on Star Trek The Next Generation 
19. Paul Muni - actor, "The Last Angry Man", his Airedale was named "Simon
20. Ferdinand "Ferry" Porsche - son of the founder of Porsche Auto, the late Ferdinand Porsche 
21. Tim Reid - actor, played Disc Jockey Venus Flytrap in "WKRP In Cincinatti"
22. Renee Richards - tennis player, owned an Airedale named 'Tennis-ee" 
23. Theodore Roosevelt - U.S. president, he hunted for lions with an Airedale in Africa 
24. Ronnie Schell - actor, "Gomer Pyle", he owned several 
25. John Steinbeck - author, "East of Eden", "Of Mice and Men" 
26. Jim Thorpe - Olympic Champion 
27. James Thurber - author, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" growing up he had an Airedale named "Muggs", Thurber wrote a short story about him called "Muggs, the dog that bit people".  It is a very funny story. 
28. John Wayne - actor, When John Wayne was a boy he owned an Airedale named Duke.  Everyday John would take Duke to the local fire station to visit the firemen.  The firemen would always say "here comes Big Duke", referring to the Airedale, "and Little Duke", referring to John Wayne and the nickname Duke stuck with Mr. Wayne for the rest of his life.
29. Woodrow Wilson - U.S. president, he owned two Airedales named "Davie and Sandy"